Granulated Lime (G-Lime)

Granulated Lime with more grunt.
Granulated Lime with 130% the liming equivalent of Ag-lime

G-Lime is a precision approach for pH (potential Hydrogen) correction. Our granulated lime has the highest neutralising value of any other granulated product and is virtually dust free. Other granulated products contain small particles, which react quickly but do not last as long as larger particles. G-Lime containing a mixture of fine and larger particles is optimum to give a rapid and sustained reaction.

A once a year application of G-Lime at 150kg per hectare under most conditions will maintain soil pH levels. Higher rates will lift pH rapidly and hold soil levels within optimal range. Great news for farmers wishing to reduce spreading costs and maximise productivity, profitability and convenience, while being ecologically sound.
Granulated Lime (G-Lime)

  • Faster lift of pH
  • Lower application rates
  • Less cartage
  • Minimal dust
  • Can be blended with annual fertiliser application
  • Accurate application
  • Cost effective for aerial and ground spreading

Easy to Apply
G-Lime prills are free flowing and very easy to apply. They can be applied by helicopter, truck spreader, tractor, quad bikes, or even by hand.

G-Lime can be applied in higher wind conditions and land right where you want it with minimum dust.

G-Lime can be applied any time for any land from hill country runs to lifestyle blocks, to the home garden.

Available in bulk, 0.5 and 1 tonne bulk bags and 25 kg bags.

Application Rates

The amount of lime required depends on the soil type and the starting and target pH levels. As a guide, the following application rates will give a 0.1 - 0.2 shift in pH.

Sandy/Silt Loams 150 kg/ha
Clay/Loamy Clays 200 kg/ha
Highly Fertile Soils 250 kg/ha
Peat 350 kg/ha

CAUTION: G-Lime contains Calcium Oxide, avoid contact with skin and eyes.