Nitrogen Express

Nitrogen Express is a specially formulated liquid nitrogen combined with a natural chelating agent to increase N uptake in the leaf stem and roots. The special formulation will also assist in increasing the efficiency of the nitrogen and help reduce volatilisation.

Nitrogen Express is 23% Nitrogen with Fulvic Acid (a derivative of HuMates) and an additive.


  • Nitrogen Express is an easy and effective way to increase the nitrogen levels in pasture at a time when this is required the most.
  • Nitrogen Express can be applied through centre pivots or fertigation as well as the usual application methods.
  • The fulvic acid and additive is the key: By adding fulvic acid into the mix this ensures that the N is taken well into the plant through the leaf and then holds it until the plant requires it.
  • Nitrogen Express will not leach through the soil contaminating waterways etc. and is environmentally friendly.
  • Apply at 10 – 20 litres per hectare.


  • Nitrogen Express is a quick and easy method of applying Nitrogen into plants. With the fulvic acid plus additive added we are assured of the entire N being taken up.
  • Being in a liquid format it is far easier to mix than some alternative products.
  • Another key benefit is that it is compatible with copper. This is important for kiwifruit growers because Zespri are recommending copper sprays to be used as a control against the PSA bacteria.

When to use?

  • Apply during the summer months when leaf tests indicate a lack of N.
  • Apply post-harvest to assist in next year’s crop establishment.
  • Apply at the rate of 20 – 30 litres per hectare


Crop Application Rate (litres per hectare) Minimum Water Rate (litres per hectare) Comments
Pasture / Turf 20 - 30 40 - 80 When a boost in growth is required.
Kiwifruit 20 - 30 100 - 120 Mid spring for N Boost Post harvest prior to leaf drop.
Grain Crops 10 - 20 80 - 200 Mid to late tillering and prior to flowering.
Brassicas 5 - 10 80 - 150 As required during growth phases. Not after 8 weeks prior to grazing.
Vegetables 5 - 8 80 - 100 Monthly after emergence.
Citrus 10 400 Late autumn for spring growth. Non bearing trees to meet growth flushes.
Maize 10 - 15 80 - 150 According to requirement or at about 50cm and again before tassling.
Pip/stone fruit 5 - 10 400 Postharvest and prior to leaf drop.

Application Guidelines

Can be applied by using the Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle, boom spray, aerial spray and central pivot. Water rates will vary according to crop type growth stage and area, above are guidelines only. Ensure that adequate water rates are applied to provide complete crop coverage. Split applications will often produce best results and reduce likelihood of foliage damage. The above application rates are guidelines, if there are concerns about effectiveness or potential to burn increase water rates.

Applications are best in cooler weather Do not apply in the heat of the day.

Directions For Use

Agitate contents before dilution. Fill spray tank half with water. Add product while maintaining agitation. Fill spray tank to full volume maintaining agitation.

Nitrogen Express is available in 200 litre drums only.

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