Poultry / Stock Feed & Protein Pellets

We are super excited to announce that we are now agents for Feed Me Milling products. We have stocks of a small variety of feed right now and will be increasing this range in the New Year (2018).

The main reason we have decided to run with these products is the fact that they are natural and have no fillers or "nasties" that come part and parcel with a lot of the commercial ranges of pellets for sale in New Zealand.

And as Feed Me Milling explain... "We have a nutrition advisor and use Vitec Nutrition Ltd (now called Nutritech) additives and minerals and their support technical personnel. We strongly promote fresh mixes for maximum nutritional value conversion to the animal's performance and success." And one of our customers explained to us that after starting to use the Feed Me Milling poultry pellets, he found his chickens actually went through less pellets than the commercial pellets they were using previously... now could this be because the chickens were having their nutritional requirements satisfied by the Feed Me Milling product, whereas they weren't with the previous commercial brand that they were using?

We currently have the following products in stock:
Heritage Layer Pellets - This product is a mix of maize, barley, soya, broll, meat and bone meal (mbm), limestone, copra, salt, methionine and a vitamin/mineral mix. Crude Protein: 17%, Calcium: 3.8%, Fat: 3.8%.
Multi Protein Pellets - This product is suitable for all Stock, Equine, Poultry, Water Fowl, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Rats, Mice and other similar animals. It is a mix of mix of barley, maize, peas, soya, molasses, lime and copra.
Rabbit Pellets - This product is a mix of lucerne, broll, barley, wheat, molasses, salt, limestone and a mineral mix. Protein: 15%.
Crumble - This product is a mix of maize, barley, soya, milk powder, broll, salt, limestone, methionine, slysin, dcp and a vitamin/mineral mix. Crude protein: 26%, Calcium: 1.2%, Fat: 2.2%. This feed is suitable for waterfowl, ducklings (including exotic ducklings) etc. It can be used for poultry as well, however you just need to be aware on how to control coccidiosis if it occurs (refer to the Coxi Chic product as this may be more suitable for poultry).

All of the above products are available in 2kg, 10kg and 25kg bags.

If there are any products in the Feed Me Milling range that you would like us to stock, then please contact us as we are taking orders right now.