Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) for Animals

Most animals except primates, guinea pigs and fruit bats produce ascorbate, however if your animal (or pet) is stressed or ill then it is a good idea to supplement with Sodium Ascorbate. Take a goat as an example... a 65kg goat produces 13 grams of vitamin C daily and it will produce much more if it is sick.

Recommended Dosages:

Stock and Pets (excluding Guinea Pigs): Approx. 1 gram per 5 kg of weight per day. More if the animal is sick, stressed or elderly.

Guinea Pigs: Approx. 30 mg per day. Pregnant, nursing, young and ill guinea pigs will need more.

As a guide; one teaspoon equals approx. 4 grams of Sodium Ascorbate.

Sodium Ascorbate is non-acidic, so it won't give your animal acidosis. Can be added to food, drenched or mixed in with the animals drinking water.

Sodium Ascorbate is available in a 300 gram and 900 gram pottles. Larger quantities are available upon request.