MiSK 3 in 1 Natural Fertiliser

MiSK 3 in 1 Natural Fertiliser contains 3 key nutrients, Magnesium (Mg-7), Sulphur (S-16) and Potassium (K-20).

MiSK 3 in 1 Natural Fertiliser is BioGro certified (no. 5101). Please contact us for a copy of the latest Bio Gro certificate for the MiSK fertiliser.

MiSK is reasonably new to New Zealand, however has been used widely in Australia and a number of other countries internationally.

MiSK has low chloride levels making it suitable for chloride senstive crops including fruit trees, berry fruit (including strawberry), potato, lettuce, onions, capsicum and flower crops. NB: Chloride ions are one of the ways in which valuable calcium can be leached out of the soil - another advantage of avoiding chloride based potassium fertiliser.

MiSK is available in a white chip (4-7 mm average) or a fine white powder (400 mesh).

MiSK... millenniums in actionMiSK can benefit the following crops and more ...
Pasture, Fruits, Vegetables, Wheat, Barley etc., Brassicas, Corn/Maize, Melons, Beans, Strawberries, Citrus, Grapes, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Olives ... plus it helps to reduce premature fruit drop.

Advantages of MiSK

Suitability for Crops

  • Apply to any crop or pasture
  • Used to improve a plant's overall growth and health
  • Magnesium is the essential core of chlorophyll for photosynthesis
  • Potassium is one of the main essential elements with numerous functions including cell water regulation and enzyme activation
  • Sulphur is the third essential element in MiSK and is required for several essential amino acids and many proteins in plants
  • MiSK applied in organic farming allows for higher inclusion rates of Potassium. (BioGro Approved input)

Nutrient Balance

  • The inclusion of 3 minerals in one product offers a solution for more stable nutrient balance compared to some high analysis fertilisers.
  • Due to the antagonistic effect of Potassium on plant absorption of Magnesium, MiSK better maintains an appropriate balance between Magnesium and Potassium in soils and plants.
  • The challenge in getting good magnesium uptake in plants is to improve the solubility of magnesium - the presence of sulphate in MiSK helps to do this.
  • Improved efficiency in magnesium uptake means less bulk of magnesium itself needs to be added and makes MiSK suitable to a full range of soils including clays.
  • MiSK is the perfect partner for Viafos Guano Phosphate Fertiliser as the calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients fit with the MiSK to form a complete mineral package.

Liquid Application

A starting rate for spraying on MiSK in solution will be 10 kg/ha with 20 kg/ha being good where there is a greater identified requirement for K or Mg. Foliar uptake will be excellent for all three nutrients and this avoids issues of soil lock up and gives immediate effect (very important for magnesium when it is required).

Caution: Some crops and some conditions (eg. hot, windy, slow growth rates, coastal) can mean leaf scorch is a risk from high levels of any foliar nutrient. Always test a small area first if unsure and avoid unsuitable conditions.

Typical Analysis and Calculation Guide for MiSK Application

Please click the links to download a typical analysis and calculation guide / application rates for the MiSK product.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.