APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is a natural product rich in health giving bacterial enzymes, acid and minerals (including selenium, a mineral lacking in New Zealand soils and deficient in stock).

GARLIC strengthens and supports the animals physiological systems. Garlic contains 33 sulphur compounds, 17 amino acids, is rich in sulphur which is vital to a good digestive system.

SEAWEED provides a whole range of vitamins from A through to M (Folic Acid), also essential for the efficient digestion and metabolism of the diet. Seaweed also contains up to twenty minerals, including the electrolytes, sodium, chlorine, potassium and magnesium vital for water uptake. The calcium present will help to redress the calcium, phosphorous imbalance which is often seen in concentrate diets, while the copper and iron present work together in red blood cell formation.

HONEYDEW differs from regular honey containing nutritionally advantageous complex sugars which are more slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. Honeydew has exceptionally high levels of anti-bacterial properties and promotes beneficial bacteria.

Recommended Dosages

20 litres of Addage/Lick concentrate makes 100 litres (4 to 1 with water).

Pour solution into a lick ball container or add it to stock feed.

Addage/Lick can be added to old foliage feed to make it more palatable to stock. Simply spread out your old feed, add Addage/Lick with a watering can, let it soak and then feed out. Your animals will love it!

Overdosing is NOT possible.