Certified Organic Dolomite

Dolomite mined near Collingwood was originally a seabed deposit and therefore contains a range of trace minerals. Typically Dolomite contains:
Boron 5ppm (parts per million);
Cobalt 2ppm;
Copper 1ppm;
Manganese 173ppm;
Molybdenum 3ppm; and
Zinc 10ppm.

With the typically recommended application rate of 200 – 250kg/ha the rates of trace minerals input appears inconsequential however farmers and growers that regularly apply dolomite often claim general health benefits that cannot be attributed entirely to the calcium content of 24%, and magnesium content of 11.5%, both in the carbonate form.

Being a proven soil conditioner that improves soil tilth some of the improvement will be due to improved nutrient availability and the more rapid exchange of gasses to and from soil and atmosphere.

It is thought that even very small quantities of trace minerals may increase growth-promoting substances in the soil able to be utilised by plants. With all growing situations there are many factors that influence at any given time however there are frequent reports citing a general improvement in plant and animal health as a result of regular dolomite usage when applied at the rate required to meet soil magnesium requirements.

Regular monitoring of brix levels on properties using Golden Bay Dolomite based nutrient programmes over the last two years has indicated that as brix levels in pasture increase so too does animal weight and total production. There also appears to be a corresponding decrease in somatic cell counts and the incidence of clinical mastitis.

Metabolic disorders due to a lack of magnesium (hypomagnesaemia) often also involve calcium, if not at the time almost certainly soon after. Body reserves of magnesium are too small to meet the increased demand just prior to and after calving so sufficient needs to be ingested on a daily basis.
The ability of a single application of dolomite to markedly reduce the severity of these problems as well as help eliminate all but the worst cases is due in large part to the balance of magnesium and calcium.

Golden Bay Dolomite is available in 25 kg and 1 tonne bags.