Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle

The 4mm Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle requires a pump capable of 30-40 PSI (207-276 kPa) and with sufficient throughput to feed the nozzle with 12 litres per minute plus retain strong circulation within the spray tank. It will achieve a swath width of 6-7 metres at a pressure of 30-40 PSI (207-276 kPa) and a throughput of around 12 litres per minute.

The 4mm Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle should be mounted at the back of the tractor so that it is situated 900 mm above ground level in the operational position. It should be positioned facing rearwards with the threaded part pointing towards the ground.

The 2mm Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle is designed for use on a quad bike or similar vehicle that uses a 12 volt pump connected to the vehicle battery as a power source. It will give a swath width of 4-5 metres provided the pump will produce 10-20 PSI (69-138 kPa) and a throughput of 2-3 litres per minute.

The 2mm Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle should be fitted so that it is 900 mm above the ground in the operating position and facing rearwards with the hose tail pointing at the ground.

For detailed information on dilution and how to calculate coverage, please click on the Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle Information Sheet.


The Field Broadcast Spray Nozzle hose tail reducer is available on its own or with a 10mm or 13mm hose tail, plus bracket. Please contact me for details.