HuMates Powder

What is HuMates?

Humate materials are widely distributed organic carbon containing compounds found in soils, fresh water, and oceans. These substances are formed from the biological and chemical breakdown of animal and plant life and make up approximately 75 percent of the organic matter that exists in most mineral soils.

Humates play a direct role in determining the production potential of a soil.

In soils void of significant quantities of clay minerals and organic matter, the addition of humates can have an impact on soil fertility which may be noticeable in the form of improved plant growth.

Humates provide a full spectrum of organic acids including humic and fulvic acids, which are essential for plant development. These act an organic “chelators” which enhance the uptake and utilisation of plant nutrients in fertilisers. The cation exchange capacity of the soil increases improving the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes of plant root material.

Humates Bags

Benefits of HuMates

  • Builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.
  • Increases the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil and facilitates nutrient absorption
  • Great source of energy for beneficial soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health.
  • Improves aeration of soil and water retention in heavy and compact soils.
  • Prevents water and nutrient losses in light sandy soils.
  • Healthier roots hold soil, minimizing erosions.
  • When added directly to soil it improves its quality and ability to grow crops.
  • When added to urea, fertiliser and lime it improves their performance.
  • When added to seeds it improves their strike rate and encourages root growth.

The humic, fulvic and mycrorrhizal fungi and bacteria in HuMates are the active ingredients.

Spread Rates

HuMates and its derivatives are:

  • Applied to the soil
  • Applied to fertilisers (and possibly pesticides)
  • Applied to the plant
Pasture / Orchards
Application Rate
Soil Treatment Pasture: 100 – 200 kg per Ha
Orchards: 300 – 500 kg per Ha
Adding to Urea 8% of mix
Adding to fertiliser 50 kg per Ha
Adding to lime 100 kg per Ha
Home Gardens
Application Rate
Seed Beds Incorporate liberally up to 1 kg per m2 at planting
Vegetable Plants Apply 300 gms per m2 every 6 months
Fruiting, Flowering & Perennial Plants/Trees Broadcast 500 gms around the base 2-3 times per year
Fertiliser Application Blend 50/50 to maximise fertiliser uptake
Lawns & Grass Broadcast 100 gms per m2 Spring and Autumn
Potted Plants 300 gms per pot then small amounts often
150 gms = 1 cup approx.

HuMates is available in 2.5kg (for the home gardener), 20kg and 1 tonne bulk bags.

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