Traps for Stoats, Rats & Hedgehogs

Accordingly, we have started making traps specifically targeted at stoats, rats and hedgehogs. We can supply the complete boxes with either combo (zinc coated trap mechanism with stainless steel treadle plate) or fully stainless steel traps. We can also supply the boxes and traps separately if required.

The box has a trap mechanism (a DOC200 style trap) fixed permanently in the bottom of it which is especially designed with tunnels to channel the targeted species through holes in mesh and only allows entry of certain sized mustelids; and stops the entry of non targeted species such as kiwi as well as protecting the public.

The box is made from H4 treated timber and has galvanised mesh and nails and stainless steel screws. It is designed to last a very long time in wet conditions. There is a safety warning on the box lid.

Each trap (either trap mechanism or complete box + trap comes with a safety catch (1 safety catch per 10 x traps).

For safety, setting and maintenance instructions for the DOC200 style traps, see the following Department of Conservation video link: